"I attended the live stream mat class and I can tell you, Defiant is the best. I had some specific stuff I wanted to work on and Defiant went above and beyond to give me some tips and exercises that would help."

Josh M.

"I have done several classes and have a blast each time! Defiant truly makes working out fun and invigorating! Each class is always different too so it keeps it fresh each week and you never get bored. I honestly look forward to the workouts. Defiant is caring, attentive and makes sure you're getting a good workout in whether you are a novice in the gym or very experienced! I highly recommend Defiant"

Natalie M.

"Thanks to Defiant and their nutrition advice with Macros, I'm almost to my goal. I follow the at home programs and no longer feel like I have to starve myself and I am still able to drink. It feels so good to live a normal life."

Chrissy J.

"My At Home program was exactly what I needed. Overall strength and mobility has increased which enhanced my daily life and golf game."

Tony N.



"I feel younger and haven’t been able to move this freely in years. Getting down and up from the floor to play with my grandkids is no problem. I never thought I could move this easily again until I started my At Home programs."

Jan K