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How are you different from other programs?

Defiant sees you as an individual. Rather than providing a generic work out, we get to know you and pride ourselves in being able to personalize your work outs to align with the goals and accomplishments you wish to achieve. Each program will be unique to you

Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance?

No. If you are looking for nutritional guidance, let your trainer know. They will gather some information from you and include this within your At Home program, allowing you to be set up for success.

Whats included in my At Home program?

Each individualized program includes:
- Upper body work out
- Lower body work out
- Mixed work out day (3-day program only)
- Cardio and or HIIT
- Written work out with weight suggestions, reps and sets
- Video to view every exercise for more details and cues

When does my At Home program begin?

Your At Home program (8 weeks) begins the week your instructor provides all workouts, notes and videos to you. When that info is sent to you, that is when the 8 weeks begins.

Does my trainer check in and hold me accountable?

Yes! You and your trainer will set up check in's according to your preference. Defiant respects your privacy and understands some people want to work out without being bothered. While others prefer their trainer checks in and provide accountability. Which ever is your preference, your trainer has you covered. Trainer check in’s are customizable to you. 
*If your preference is to opt out of trainer check in’s, please note your trainer will check in at the end of the 1st and 4th week for any modifications to ensure your success.

My 8 week program is up , now what?

You just finished your first 8-week program, Congrats! 
From here, your trainer will contact you and gather info about your last program. How it felt, how did the weight feel etc. Then they will create a new 8-week program for you, keeping your work outs fresh, challenging and progressing towards your goal.

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

Believe it or not, equipment is not necessary. This program is designed for you and can be built around what/if any equipment you currently have. 

If equipment is something you would like to include, these are the recommended basics: 

- Adjustable Dumbbells (5lb-25lbs)

- Medium resistance thera band

- Foam roller

For more versatile workouts: 

- Stability ball 

- Kettle Bell 

- Fitness circle

- Fitness (circle) bands

Can I get a refund?

Each program is designed specific to you and your goals. Due to the time required to program custom work outs, At Home programs are nonrefundable.

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